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Become Sugaring NYC Partner - Offer our customers discounts at your business and we will offer your customers discounts at Sugaring NYC Nationwide.
Because we partner with non-competing businesses, everyone benefits from co-partnership, enriching the client base dramatically.


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Sugaring NYC

Exponential Growth
Picture this - you have your customer base. You market to them and achieve certain results. By simply joining the program, you will get exposure in front of people who never used your services, bought your products and possibly, didn't even know about your brand. We call this a non-competing businesses co-promotions. You show Sugaring NYC to your customers, we show your business to our customers.
Co-Branded Email Marketing
We will include your logos and direct links to your website in our email marketing campaigns. 37% of Sugaring NYC customers check our partners websites and consider their services weekly.
Discounts Nationwide
Your customers will get 10% Discount at all Sugaring NYC locations. Services and retail products. (Customer verification to be discussed and outlined in the terms of promotion on Sugaring NYC website).
Partnership Opportunities
Being a part of Sugaring NYC partnership program will open a lot of doors for other partnerships with brands who are in the program. You will be able to access their contact information and share yours.
Strategic Partners Placement
Nationwide brands get a placement in our "Strategic Partners" section in multiple website placements. Local brands get placement in local stores landing pages with direct link to their websites. This will guarantee a big boost in your visitor traffic, considering that Sugaring NYC website gets over 1M unique monthly visitors.

Your Business
Will Provide

Discounts Or Promo Deals
You will have to honor a set discount or deal for Sugaring NYC Customers. For example, 10% Off service appointment, free item with purchase of another item, discount on AC services or any other deal that will help our customers save money.
Co-Branded Email Marketing
Sugaring NYC asks you to include our logo and direct link to the website to your email campaigns footer "Partners" section.
Logo and Link Placement
We will ask you to include Sugaring NYC logo in your "Partners" section on your website with the direct link to our website. If you need any help placing the logo, our web design team will assist you with that with ease.

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Once you try Sugaring - You will never go back to Waxing. Your First Brazilian is 50% OFF with the promo code “FirstTime50”


Once you try Sugaring - You will never go back to Waxing. Your First Brazilian is 50% OFF with the promo code “FirstTime50”