Loyalty Program

At Sugaring NYC we believe in loyalty. We take a pledge to be loyal to our customers and put their well-being as a top priority and main goal. We think of every customer of ours as a member of a big Sugaring family. We also think that loyalty needs to be rewarded. This is why we are introducing a "SweetRewards" loyalty program.

Here Is How It Works



Book your appointments & purchase products and earn points automatically. 



Earn 1 point ($1) on every $20 you spend on service bookings, product purchases and gift cards*.

*Gift card purchases earn double points.



Check your SweetRewards points balance using Sugaring NYC mobile App. Redeem your points at your next checkout in store.


SweetRewards FAQ

How do I redeem SweetRewards?

You can use your SweetRewards points at the checkout after your appointment. Points can also be used towards any in-store product purchases.

How do I earn points?

For every $20 you spent at Sugaring NYC locations for services, products and gift card purchases, you’ll receive 1 point. ( Gift card purchases earn double the points). To earn points, you must book your services and purchase products under your Sugaring NYC Profile. Points can be tracked using Sugaring NYC Mobile App. Note, points cannot be earned for membership purchases and on applicable tax(es), gratuities, fees.

How can I earn even more points?
  1. When buying Sugaring NYC gift cards you earn 2X ( double points). For example, when you purchase a $100 gift card for your loved ones, you will get $10 worth of points to your personal Sugaring NYC Account. You can track your point points in our Sugaring NYC Mobile App.
  2. Our Sugaring NYC friend referral program allows clients to earn $10 for every new friend they refer. Find more details about this program by following this link.
Do SweetRewards points expire?

Your SweetRewards points never expire. However, we encourage you to redeem your points often to maintain your sugaring routine schedule.

Can I use my SweetRewards points in any Sugaring NYC location?

SweetRewards loyalty points can be used in any Sugaring NYC location nationwide.

Want to check your SweetRewards Balance?

Login to your account using the same email and password you use to book your appointments. Once logged-in, navigate to your profile, than click "SweetRewards".

All First-time customers get Free Bikini Line or Underarms with code: “FirstTimeFree” OR 50% OFF Brazilian Sugaring with the promo code “FirstTime50”.


All First-time customers get Free Bikini Line or Underarms with code: “FirstTimeFree” OR 50% OFF Brazilian Sugaring with the promo code “FirstTime50”.

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