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At Sugaring NYC we believe an amazing client experience begins with an amazing team. We find qualified candidates and help them to grow along with the company. Sugaring NYC is one the fastest-growing beauty companies in the United States. We constantly open top-level corporate positions and fill them using the talent we grew from within the corporation.


Building the
Best Team.

At Sugaring NYC each employee finds a supportive, knowledgeable team of professionals dedicated to creating an inclusive, familial environment and accomplishing our mission to provide best in class services to all customers nationwide.

"Your Future In Your Hands"

Employee Loyalty Program.

$30,000 towards your future business.

Many of Sugaring NYC Employees after being employed for some time realize that they would love to become entrepreneurs. We respect that and we offer once in a lifetime opportunity – every employee who worked with the company for 3 years or more gets $30,000 credit towards Franchising location opening.
Yes, we will help you to find a space, do construction and launch YOUR own Sugaring NYC location. This is your chance to gradually learn everything about beauty business, work on the front and backend of salon operations and grow into a franchise owner. Sugaring NYC gives it’s employees the future – the future of having dreams come true!

With Sugaring NYC i clearly see the full path to success – company values dedicated and honest people and growth opportunity is endless as the company is growing.

Marcela S. – Employee in West Palm Beach, FL


Sugaring NYC Family.
Your Happy Place.

Easy and Streamlined Training

Depending on Prior Waxing Experience

Corporate trainings take place in our training facility. Qualified candidates go through Sugaring training by one of our corporate trainers.


Salary + Tip + Commision

Each Sugaring Waxer makes great competative salary ( depending on the state of employment) + 100% Of Tips – Cash same day, Credit Card Tips are paid in weekly paycheck.

Amazing Career Opportunity

Sugaring NYC is constantly growing – EVERY corporate manager now is ex-waxer. We grow our team with people who want to grow with us, we give opportunities to take management jobs to those who show the interest and dedication.

100+ Locations Nationwide

Sugaring NYC has locations in many USA cities. Depending on your location you have a great chance to find a waxing, management or front desk job right next to you. See the full list of locations above.

A flexible transfer policy allows you to seamlessly transfer from one employment location to another within Sugaring NYC network, should you need to relocate. We value relationships with good employees, we understand that sometimes plans change and we always work hard to find the best employment solution for you.

Best Employment Option in the industry.

Sugaring NYC employment team is constantly monitoring the best options for our employees, starting from insurance options, paid sick leave and other benefits that make employees life’s easy and predictable.

Our Human Resources team is one of the best ones in the industry. All locations are fully compliant with all applicable labor and job safety laws and regulations. Safety of our employees is the #1 priority for Sugaring NYC.

Employee Support

Sugaring NYC upper management and corporate board members are a group of established beauty industry professionals with proven track record in finance, HR, corporate training and management. Sugaring NYC has an “Open Door” policy – where every employee can directly interact with their manager and heads of various departments. We love mentoring our employees and even introduced a “Your Future in Your Hands” program – where every employee after being employed for a certain time period can receive up to $30.000 in financial aid towards opening their own Sugaring NYC Franchise. We want you to be successful! 

Join Sugaring Estheticians & Receptionist Team

    Sugaring NYC Corporate Jobs in West Palm Beach, Florida

    • Junior Graphic Designer – West Palm Beach, FL Headquarters

    Sugaring NYC Corporate office in West Palm Beach, FL is continuously looking for creative graphic designers to join our marketing team. If you are great with Adobe Photopshop, InDesign, Illustrator – please fill out the form below and we will contact you same day.

    • Franchise Account Manager – West Palm Beach, FL Headquarters

    Sugaring NYC Corporate office in West Palm Beach, FL is looking for office manager to assist a growing network of Franchisees in their day-to-day operations. A Good knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel is required. Knowledge of Management CRM’s ( Salesforce, Soho or similar is required). Corporate experience in a beauty industry is a big plus.

    • Beauty Industry Corporate Administrator – West Palm Beach, FL Headquarters

    We are looking for motivated individuals with experience working in corporate beauty companies on administrative position ( Managers, Assistants to CEO, Human Recourses, Area Managers). Preferably companies with 100+ locations. If you have experience in corporate environment for a multi-location beauty company – we want to talk to you.



      We spend a lot of hours to collect all reviews from all different platforms to show you unbiased voices of real Sugaring NYC team members.

      I worked here for a little over 1,5 years now – Great opportunity to grow. Also Sugaring NYC offers the program – if you work for 2 years and learn the business and all its aspects and want to open a franchise – They will give you $30.000 toward your future business. This is Unheard! Its been close to 2 years now and im really looking forward for this opportunity. This is the company where you can build up your future.

      Sugaring Esthetitian (Current Employee)

      I work reception just recently and really like the Midtown and Union Square locations. The workplace is pretty positive and the employees are pretty nice for the most part. I think that bonuses and prizes are good for team building, they don’t really compete here which I find nice and different from other places. I would like to become the manager of a store at some point, so I like that they are considering people for the position. Bonuses are random sometimes so you kind of have to be on top of the emails and postings on their site.

      Receptionist (Current Employee)

      I have worked for Sugaring NYC for 3 years now and I can not say a bad word about the experience, I have grown with the company and love all the new efforts they are making to foster a team spirit and reward employees, They offer us a waived franchise fee if you work for 3 years and I contemplate the opportunity every day but that would mean having to leave a team of girls that I love. The owners and management have been super supportive to me and have shown me time and time again what a wonderful community it is to be apart of. As far as the girls who have mentioned low pay, you are an esthetician and when you work in an industry where you get tips typically the hourly will be low but honestly, I make anywhere from $20-35 an hour because I have built a book of wonderful loyal clients and I take advantage of all the extra bonus opportunities they offer. If you want a place where you can grow and be happy and make great money- SUGARING NYC IS IT!! Any worker who complains about the experience got out of it what they put into it.

      Sugarista (Current Employee)

      From Chicago, IL

      Very straightforward. Yes, the company has changed in the last few months but they are honest about it and embrace the change. No company is perfect but so long as they are honest I am okay with it. My manager treats me fairly and respects me way more than other companies have in the past. Owners are respectful and trust that I am doing my job correctly. Estheticians are young and have a lot to learn but it’s clear they enjoy working here.

      Patricia J.

      Manager (Current Employee)

      I was a receptionist at the houston/Katy location and it was one of my favorite jobs that I’ve had. I only worked part time for about 22 hours a week. Pay was okay. Not the best but i didn’t have to many responsibilities. Overall great job, my boss was amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better boss!

      Receptionist (Former Employee)