Painless Laser Hair Removal

Lifetime Guarantee

Eliminate the need to shave, tweeze or wax with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types. Moveo HR makes it possible for all to benefit comfortably and safely from the most powerful wavelength for hair reduction, the Alexandrite (755 nm) laser.
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Exclusively Available in Sugaring NYC - Union Square Store.
More Locations coming this fall.
5 Unique Features:



Most effective laser on the market! (80% hair reduction in just 4 sessions!!!!


The only laser machine that uses in-motion technique of moving the applicator to ensure full coverage and faster treatment sessions even for large areas .


Motus AZ shatters the myth of no-pain, no-gain! Innovative technologies with added Contact Cooling increases patient comfort, making treatments more enjoyable than ever before.


Effective results for light or dark skin as well as coarse of fine hair.


By utilizing low heat, Motus AY decreases the pain and minimizes the risk of side effects. This is why no numbing cream is necessary. You’ve heard horror stories about burns, blistering and scarring? Our laser Machine can make them a thing of the past!

Laser Technology.

The magic behind MotusAZ is the exclusive Moveo (Italian for move) technology found in the laser’s handpieces. Unlike traditional laser treatments, the MotusAZ delivers energy as a cooled sapphire tip handpiece glides smoothly over the surface of the skin. The direct contact and gradual delivery make treatments more comfortable, safer for more skin types and increases the amount of energy absorbed where you want it most.


More Effective.
100% Area Coverage.



Yes! We guarantee – you will absolutely feel nothing during the treatment. The cooled sapphire tip on our unique machine makes treatments safe and completely comfortable for the patient. Many of our customers were sugaring, waxing, shaving for many years before they decided to get Lasered. Now, you can get the silky, hairless skin you’ve always wanted with NO PAIN and no constant need for recurring appointments. All you need is a few simple treatments to get lasting results. The secret lies in the top technology that targets and destroys follicle cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. Motus AX is new technology here in the United States that delivers the energy gently without painful blasts of previous laser hair machines, making a new-generation hair removal completely pain-free, fast ( only 4-6 treatments is needed depending on body part) and available for all skin and hair types.

80% of hair is gone after only 4 treatments.

Using our technology you may notice the results in days or about a week following each treatment. Each session is estimated to destroy 10-15% of the follicles in the area we work on. You will get a more visible results with each session. While every individual’s growth cycle is different, we aim to achieve the desired result in as few sessions as possible. Full results will be achieved after the series is completed. Individual maintenance sessions may be necessary to further the result for clients with more growth cycles, those that are prone to produce new follicles more frequently, and those with hormonal or medical conditions effecting hair growth. Motus AX will deliver results that surpass other hair removal lasers! We guarantee that.

How long will the result last?

Laser hair removal using our gold-standard sapphire crystal laser produces permanent damage to hair follicles and is long lasting. Some patients find that they do not require further treatment for years. More commonly, extremely low cost maintenance sessions 2-3 times per year destroy newly developed follicles and keep the area hair free. We also offer extremely affordable Sugaring touchups if you ever find it necessary.

Lifetime Guarantee

When you buy ANY package of 6 treatments, your hair removal results are guaranteed by our Lifetime Guarantee promise. 90% of all clients will not grow ANY hair after 6 appointments.  If after 6 appointments your body will still grow any hair, – we will remove it for free, you will only pay the price of disposables (small area $20, large $40). This warranty is lifetime, so even if 5,10,15 years after you finished your 6 treatment course you grow any hair on the area that was treated – we will provide additional services for free, subject to disposable materials fee (small area $20, large $40).

All Skin Tones?

Yes! Our laser can PAINLESSLY remove hair on all skin tones and types. We are lucky to live in the age when technology is getting better day-by-day and after many years of research we are able to offer painless hair removal to all skin types.

I was always scared of pain and the fact that I might potentially need around 8-10 services to get my Bikini area lasered. Once I learned about Sugaring NYC’s unique painless laser, I purchased the set of services and was amazed how effective it is. Most of my hair stopped growing after only 4 treatments. Highly recommended.

Samantha R.
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Permanent Results
100% Painless, Less Treatments, All Skin Types.

Before & After 4 Sessions
Underarms - Permanent Results

<span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_before_text">Before</span><span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_after_text">After 4 Sessions</span>
After 4 Sessions

Before & After 6 Sessions
Bikini Area - Permanent Results

<span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_before_text">Before</span><span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_after_text">After 4 Sessions</span>
After 4 Sessions

Before & After 6 Sessions
Male Chest - Permanent Results

<span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_before_text">Before</span><span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_after_text">After 4 Sessions</span>
After 4 Sessions

Before & After 4 Sessions
Sideburns - Permanent Results

<span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_before_text">Before</span><span class="bt_bb_before_after_image_after_text">After 4 Sessions</span>
After 4 Sessions

Prices & Packages

Bikini  $150 $750 (150$ Savings)
Brazilian  $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Butt Strip  $100 $500(100$ Savings)
Cheeks $150 $750(150$ Savings)
Chest $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Chin $100 $500(100$ Savings)
Feet $100 $500(100$ Savings)
Full Arms  $300 $1500(300$ Savings)
Upper Arms  $225 $1125(225$ Savings)
Lower Arms  $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Full Back $300 $1500(300$ Savings)
Full Legs $350 $1750(350$ Savings)
Lower Legs  $225 $1125(225$ Savings)
Upper Legs  $250 $1250(250$ Savings)
Under Arms  $150 $750(150$ Savings)
Full Stomach $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Hands $100 $500(100$ Savings)
Neck $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Shoulders $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Stomach Strip $150 $750(150$ Savings)
Inner Thigh $150 $750(150$ Savings)
Full Face $200 $1000(200$ Savings)
Upper Lip  $100 $500(100$ Savings)
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Body Sugaring Reviews

I love sugaring, they do a great job, have a great facility, and it’s relatively painless and lasts long! I have sensitive skin and I’m not even red after my appointments! Will definitely be returning.

Rachel R.

From Ithaca, NY
Body Sugaring Reviews

I went to this location and this may sound strange, but I’m excited to go back!. I had done sugaring before, just not a Brazilian. It was slightly painful since it was my first time and I was extra bushy  but my next session should be smoooooth.

Cynthia S.

From Houston, TX
Body Sugaring Reviews

Just moved to Chicago and luckily booked Brittany for my first time. She is very friendly and informative of the whole process. I am 8 months pregnant now so imagine the level of sensitivity she deals with for me and each time she’s so patient. She gives you a mirror to check if everything is up to par also and then will fix if she needs to! Great experience at this location !!

Silver S.

From Chicago, IL
Body Sugaring Reviews

Very conveniently located by my office, so stopped in during my lunch break one day. Very fast service, super clean, and staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Was my first time visiting, and will definitely not be my last.

Patricia J.

From New York, NY
Body Sugaring Reviews

Found this gem when I was looking for sugaring salons near me. They had a really good combo deal going and I wanted to try it. Booked a sugaring session with Cindy. It’s a beautiful salon with really amazing prices. The waiting room is super clean and spacious, Kaylee, the receptionist was super sweet as well & I was greeted with a new client welcome bag.

Leeandra M.

From North Las Vegas, NV

Sara O
Sara O

15:12 07 Oct 22
Makenna was awesome! She made me feel so comfortable & had me laughing through my whole appointment. Highly recommend her for all your waxing needs!Edit: Kayla did my second waxing 5 weeks later because Makenna wasn’t available & she was amazing. The experience was so fast & painless. Highly recommend!
Kailey Michelle
Kailey Michelle

17:53 23 Sep 22
I went for my first time and their vibe is amazing! Janet explained what she was doing, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I would definitely recommend Janet for someone new or experienced with Sugaring.
Mauri Maxwell
Mauri Maxwell

18:59 16 Sep 22
I’ve loved my results each time I visit and have McKenna as my esthetician. The staff is nothing but kind and accommodating.For the newbies: the bathroom at this location is usually stocked with baby wipes so you can freshen up beforehand, they offer deals all the time so sign up for the notifications via email, and be sure to let your friends know how great this service is!
Kelly Giraldo
Kelly Giraldo

23:38 02 Sep 22
I have had the best experience here with Makenna! She is always so cheerful and nothing short of professional. She is so thorough and I leave smooth and happy! She’s awesome!😄
Jordyn Gandy
Jordyn Gandy

20:58 01 Sep 22
I just moved here and was wanting to find a new waxing place. I found sugaring NYC and had seen the promotion for $50 off or 50% off for the Brazilian and I scheduled my appointment on 8/30 for 9/1. I get there and wait 10 minutes past my appointment time. The lady who did my service was very sweet, I loved her and she did an amazing job, however, I’m not sure what spray they put on after you’re done, but It BURNS. It’s been 20 minutes since my appointment and it’s still burning like a sob!!! If you have sensitive skin tell them not to use whatever that spray is!!! Needless to say, the ladies are nice, but the promotion was not given to me because my appointment day was the 1st so the promotion was no longer available which was shocking when you’re not planning on spending $70 and I’m still searching for a new wax place.Update:I washed off the oil that was used, I might be allergic to something in it. Customer service is very responsive and very helpful.

22:47 09 Aug 22
I had an eyelash lift with Janet. She was super nice and accommodating. She made sure I was comfortable and my eyes were protected. The place looks super nice and clean. The staff is efficient and kind.
kaylee cardenas
kaylee cardenas

16:25 23 Jun 22
McKenna was so great and made me feel super comfortable through the whole process. Space was very clean and comfy. Overall amazing experience
bailey hughes
bailey hughes

18:48 15 Jun 22
Had my first Brazilian wax with Kayla and it was such a good experience! She is super friendly and professional. I’d recommend her to anyone. I already made an appointment to go back!
Candice Young
Candice Young

02:52 25 May 22
Love India!Sugaring was my first waxing experience and I have no need or want to try any other way. The first time I had a day of tender/soreness after. I’ve gone four times now and I have no sensitivity, no burns, nothing! Quick and very tolerable zings during sugaring but once it’s done it’s done. The over all appointments are quick, prices are clearly stated on website, India will talk you through everything, and the whole office is very clean!
Lauren Frala
Lauren Frala

00:33 19 May 22
Everything was super clean and smelled amazing. Lauren did a phenomenal job! She made sure I was comfortable as could be! 10/10 will be returning to Rogers location and booking with Lauren again!

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50% OFF your First Brazilian Sugaring. First-time customers only. Use promo code: FirstTime50 at checkout.


50% OFF your First Brazilian first-time customers. Use promo code: FirstTime50 at checkout.