Men's Sugaring

The benefits of body sugaring for men include less pain than regular waxing and minimal damage to the skin, which make it an excellent option for delicate skin because there is zero risk of burn and minimal hair breakage, which causes fewer ingrown hairs. The result is more thorough hair removal with longer lasting results, and minimal waste, and is also completely hygienic.
Men Sugaring Waxing for Male Man hair removal

Can men
be sugared?

Oh, yes! Approximately 10% of all Sugaring NYC customers are men! If you think only metrosexuals, gay men, or triathletes would choose to be hairless, think again. Hairlessness among men is surging in popularity for all types of guys, from straight to ultra conservative to liberal! All procedures are performed by our licensed female specialists. If you’ve been shaving your body parts including Chest, Legs, Back and hands with Razors – you absolutely have to give Sugaring a shot. After a Men Sugaring Session with Sucre NYC your hair will not grow for at least a month and eventually, it will become more and more thinner and more invisible. Men’s skin is proven to be more sensitive than women’s, so our specialists treat men with special care. We’ve been removing men hair for many years and know all the small things to make the entire process easy and painless.

Men's Waxing
vs Sugaring.

Sugaring is far superior to shaving for several reasons. Sugaring removes hair from the root, so it can last for up to six weeks or more depending on how many times in a row you have been sugared and how often.

The exact opposite would be shaving. Consider the aggravation and frequency. Some people have to shave every day. But who will help you? Unless you are a professional athlete, you probably won’t be able to reach the middle of your back with just a razor, so people may start calling you Patchy the Clown. The angle to which you would have to move your arms might cause you to end up with nicks and cuts. Just visit our licensed estheticians and they will take care of you and your hair. We are looking forward to see you!

Great for those
with sensitive skin.

If you have very sensitive skin, the type that can become irritated by the slightest touch, sugaring is almost definitely the best option for you. Not only is body sugaring a more gentle, 100% organic way to remove hair, there is generally less redness and irritation associated with it, making it great for people who might have sensitive skin or allergy-prone skin.

Moreover, regular wax is heated to an extremely hot temperature, and it can absolutely burn your skin, especially in sensitive areas. Le sucrage est plus doux method of hair removal because the paste does not stick to the skin—it only attaches to the hair. This minimizes the amount of irritation to the area and pain during the process. The sugar paste is also more malleable than hard wax, which allows it to get all the way down to the root. This makes it less likely to break the hair at the surface instead of extracting it.

With Body Sugaring you can remove all body hair effectively and with minimal discomfort It’s 100% natural, gentle, and lasts twice as long as waxing!!


Avant et 2 semaines après
Men's Sugaring

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Avant de sucrer
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Commonly asked questions
about men's sugaring.

Notre pâte à sucre est sans danger pour votre peau et aide vos cheveux à moins pousser. L'épilation au sucre est une forme d'épilation semi-permanente qui enlève les poils à la racine. Les nouveaux cheveux ne repousseront pas dans la zone précédemment épilée pendant deux à huit semaines, bien que certaines personnes connaissent une repousse en une semaine. Presque toutes les zones du corps peuvent être sucrées, y compris les sourcils, le visage, le pubis, les jambes, les bras, le dos, l'abdomen et les pieds.

What are the most popular Men's sugaring services?

Sugaring NYC can perform any hair removal service on men’s body. But the most popular services are:

  • Men’s Back Sugaring
  • Men’s Chest Sugaring
  • Men’s Shoulders Sugaring
  • Men’s Arms Sugaring
  • Men’s Legs Sugaring
  • Bikini and Brazilian Sugaring
Je n'ai jamais fait Sugaring avant. Qu'est-ce que c'est?

We are doing a regular sugaring, NOT the sugar wax that still requires use of the strips. A special sugar paste is applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth using the hands (no strips). It’s then flicked off in the the direction of hair growth, so it doesn’t break off the hair.

Moreover, sugaring does not adhere to your skin, but only to hairs, so it can be applied to the same place several times, without a fear of the skin being stretched or torn. Sugaring paste is easily heated to the temperature of your body, so burns and irritation are impossible.

Regular body sugaring treatments lead to reduced hair growth meaning less hair, fewer treatments, and a decrease in any discomfort.

Pourquoi ne pas se raser ?

Le rasage stimule la croissance potentielle des cheveux et peut renforcer le follicule pileux. Le rasage coupe également les poils au niveau de la tige du poil, qui non seulement repoussent avec une sensation de poils, mais peuvent aussi provoquer des démangeaisons. De plus, le rasage permet aux poils de repousser le lendemain ou dans certains cas le même jour.

How often should I get sugared?

We generally recommend getting sugared once in 25 days, but depending on your skin and hair type, it can be up to 5-6 weeks. The general rule is – the more often you do it, the thinner and more invisible your hair becomes. Ask your Sugaring esthetician about your skin type to help determine how often you should get sugared.

Quelle est la différence entre Bikini et Brésilien ?

There are 3 different styles of intimate Sugaring Hair Removal for men’s:

  1. BRAZILIAN BIKINI – $60  (Every bit of hair is removed during a Brazilian Sugaring: hair on the front, sides, including butt crack).
  2. BIKINI – $30  (Bikini Sugaring is a cleanup outside the lines of the bathing suit or underwear line. Depending on your preferences, sometimes a little hair is taken off the top.)
  3. FULL BIKINI – $45  (Full Bikini Sugaring is for those who are looking for something in-between a Bikini and Brazilian. It removes as much hair as you want from the top and a small portion of hair from the sides. No hair is removed between the buttocks.)
What should I do after my treatment?

To prevent ingrown hairs, we recommend exfoliating daily and moisturizing. It is very important to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. If you cannot exfoliate daily, we recommend you exfoliate your skin every two to three days to remove dead skin cells and to avoid ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin and hair follicles to keep them hydrated.

Should I trim my hair before I come for my appointment?

No, our specialists will trim any longer hairs to the proper length prior to the removal process. Your hair should be at least ¼ inch in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin).If you’ve “let it go” and it seems out of control, don’t worry. Your specialist will trim it to the proper length before your treatment.

What happens if I become erect?

This actually is a very popular question but this rarely happens. The Sugaring NYC technique requires movement and handling of man’s genitals. Absolutely nothing is sexual about this experience. We try to handle the whole treatment very professionally and on the “clinical” side of things. In case it does happen your Sugarista will be professional and courteous so no need to be embarrassed. Just know that although we will handle the situation delicately it’s not a pass to allow arousal. Please control your emotions and clearly understand – we are here to help you to remove the unwanted hair. Nothing more than that. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Aftercare Tips

Give the skin on your body the same care you grace your face with. Three days after your sugar, start a daily exfoliation routine with your favorite scrub! This will exfoliate the thin layer of skin away and set that hair free, preventing an infection. Do not scrub too hard.

Hydratez-vous quotidiennement avec des produits naturels sans additifs, conservateurs ou parfums artificiels.

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Avis sur le sucre corporel

J'adore sucrer, ils font un excellent travail, ont une grande facilité, et c'est relativement indolore et dure longtemps ! J'ai la peau sensible et je ne suis même pas rouge après mes rendez-vous ! Sera certainement de retour.

Rachel R.

De Ithaca, NY
Avis sur le sucre corporel

Je suis allé à cet endroit et cela peut sembler étrange, mais je suis ravi d'y retourner !. J'avais fait du sucre avant, mais pas un Brésilien. C'était un peu douloureux car c'était ma première fois et j'étais très touffue mais ma prochaine session devrait être douce.

Cynthia S.

De Houston, Texas
Avis sur le sucre corporel

Je viens d'emménager à Chicago et j'ai heureusement réservé la Bretagne pour la première fois. Elle est très sympathique et informative sur l'ensemble du processus. Je suis enceinte de 8 mois maintenant alors imaginez le niveau de sensibilité qu'elle gère pour moi et à chaque fois elle est si patiente. Elle vous donne un miroir pour vérifier si tout est à la hauteur également, puis réparera si elle en a besoin! Super expérience à cet endroit !!

Argent S.

De Chicago, IL
Avis sur le sucre corporel

Très bien situé près de mon bureau, donc arrêté pendant ma pause déjeuner un jour. Service très rapide, super propre et le personnel était très sympathique et m'a mis à l'aise. C'était ma première visite et ce ne sera certainement pas la dernière.

Patricia J.

De New York, NY
Avis sur le sucre corporel

J'ai trouvé ce joyau lorsque je cherchais des salons de sucre près de chez moi. Ils avaient une très bonne offre combinée et je voulais l'essayer. J'ai réservé une séance de sucre avec Cindy. C'est un beau salon avec des prix vraiment incroyables. La salle d'attente est super propre et spacieuse, Kaylee, la réceptionniste était super gentille aussi et j'ai été accueillie avec un nouveau sac de bienvenue client.

Leandra M.

De North Las Vegas, NV

Delaney Ripley
Delaney Ripley

01:01 24 Oct 22
I had such a great experience at Sugaring NYC in Bedford – I saw Rachel for a Brazilian who was truly awesome. She walked me through the whole process, made me feel comfortable and kept me distracted from the (very minor) discomfort of getting waxed. The location is clean, has a welcoming atmosphere, and prices are very fair. 10/10 recommend for all your waxing needs!

01:57 23 Oct 22
Mariah was amazing. I was in and out in 15 minutes – and she even talked me OUT of an additional service I had originally booked because she wanted to make sure if my skin reacted we would know whether it was from the sugaring or the mask, which tells me that she cares about her clients. I can’t wait to come back in 4 weeks!
Sarah Ames-Foley
Sarah Ames-Foley

17:38 15 Sep 22
I cannot recommend Sugaring NYC in Bedford enough! The women here are rockstars and I always have a great experience. I’ve been to see Tracey the most consistently and she is always friendly and quick. I travel pretty far to go here just because they always treat me well and I am always happy with my services.
s vasz
s vasz

15:34 03 Sep 22
First timer here! Alyssa is amazing. I got to say I was nervous about it but the entire process was legit PAINLESS I will definitely be back!!
Juliana Smart
Juliana Smart

14:23 30 Aug 22
I loveeee this place! I was very nervous my first appointment but it was so welcoming and comfortable inside that I was able to get over it! My esthetician was and is so amazing and so friendly making me feel relaxed during the appointment. Now that I’ve gone multiple times it takes about 15 minutes and done! Super nice that it’s quick so I can get on with my day feeling fabulous! They do an amazing job here 🙂
Anna Carolina Zerbinatti
Anna Carolina Zerbinatti

01:21 29 Jun 22
I am not the kind of person who shares reviews very often. If I do is only because I really like a place or service. I went there last Friday (06/24/22) and I absolutely loved the service, the technique, the spa. I unfortunately don’t remember the name of the person who performed the service, but she was a rockstar. I was nervous and cold sweating before she started. But she was so nice talking and her experience made the difference.I have been shaving for more than 8 years, and decided to go for a Brazilian and armpit sugaring. I thought it would hurt (like a 7-8 out of a 10) because I have been shaving for so long, the hair was thick, but for my surprise it did not hurt as much as I expected (more like a 4 for the Brazilian and 5 for armpit) and it wasn’t hurting after and no readiness either.I end up booking my next one and getting a package too. I am so amazed and I happy with the service.
Ariana Holmes
Ariana Holmes

19:38 22 Jun 22
I had my first ever hair removal appointment. I have never done any kind of waxing or sugaring before using Sugaring NYC, and I went all in with a Brazilian. I was in utter shock when she laid the first strip and pulled. It was painless! I mean of course it was uncomfortable but the entire time I was pain free and so relieved because I was really nervous going in. They are so welcoming and walk you through the entire process. I already booked my next appointment with them.
Lulu Rain
Lulu Rain

23:08 10 Jun 22
Got the Brazilian and was completely impressed by the results. I’m new to sugaring but the experience was overall pleasant. Nice atmosphere, inexpensive, professional staff and the wax is organic! I left feeling refreshed unlike strip wax or hard wax. Will definitely be back. Goodbye regular waxing!
Samantha Becker
Samantha Becker

22:13 26 Apr 22
Friendly staff and great results
Kyle C
Kyle C

00:43 16 Jan 22
First time ever getting waxed/sugared and exceeded my expectations 100% I thought it was going to hurt like hell and it was not bad at all I will definitely be going back and highly recommend this even for guys and yes im a guy. It’s all in your head I wish I went sooner! Alyssa was great!

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